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Kenya Zawadi Peaberry 250g


  • 250g
  • Tatu  (altitude ~ 1800 m)
Tasting Notes:
  • Bright / Sweet Fruits 
  • Medium
  • Washed

F A I R   T O   F A R M E R ,   D I R E C T   T R A D E

Plum, cherry and dark chocolate highlight this well balanced coffee from Kenya. Peaberry is different to the normal coffee bean in that the fruit (cherry) of the coffee plant contains two beans that develop with flattened facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two beans is fertilized, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it. This oval (or pea-shaped) bean is known as peaberry. Typically around 5% of all coffee beans harvested are classified as a peaberry.



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